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Cultured marble is a blend of polyester, resin, ground limestone and catalyst. The materials are mixed and poured into a mold that can be virtually and shape. Each piece is individually cast allowing infinite variations in color and veining. Its seamless one piece construction makes it perfect for tubs, shower pans, vanity tops and wall panels.
The smooth waterproof surface resists mildew and stains. This top surface is a clear catalyzed gel coat. The gel coat is specially formulated to produce a touch, durable transparent surface resistant to normal wear.

Care of cultured marble is very simple. Routine cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and almost any non-abrasive liquid or aerosol cleaner will give many years of service. Harsh abrasive cleaners are not required or recommended. To maintain shine and to make cleaning easier, periodic applications of paste wax products or products like "Gel gloss" are recommended.
Mild abrasives like automotive polishing compound will remove simple scratches and stains. Chips in cultured marble can be repaired with the same materials the product was made from. Cigarette burns can normally be repaired with a combination of ultra fine 1000 grit or finer sanpaper, and polishing compound.
For one piece sinks manufactured from cultured marble, water temperatures of over 140 degrees are not recommended. Care should be taken by the plumber not to overtighten the drain fitting and fracture the surface.

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