Cultured Marble Manufacturing and Installation of Sacramento
Quality above all else.
Foremost Interiors manufactures the cultured marble that we install. Therefore we have two areas in which to manage our quality. We realize that quality products are very important to our builders.

In the Shop

  • Molds are kept in top shape. A good mold makes a good part.
  • We use the best available materials to make our cultured marble.
  • Our facility is to be kept clean and organized
  • Material is all to pass a visual inspection in our finish area.
  • Our material is wrapped in a protective plastic film for protection
Mild abrasives like automotive polishing compound will remove simple scratches and stains. Chips in cultured marble can be repaired with the same materials the product was made from. Cigarette burns can normally be repaired with a combination of ultra fine 1000 grit or finer sanpaper, and polishing compound.
For one piece sinks manufactured from cultured marble, water temperatures of over 140 degrees are not recommended. Care should be taken by the plumber not to overtighten the drain fitting and fracture the surface.

Examples of our work
Custom Double Sink Vanities
Custom Tub Surrounds
Beautiful Developer Standards